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Fishing and Crabbing with Bill Taylor

Hi fellow fishermen and women. I got the opportunity to fish and crab with Bill Taylor the owner of Osprey Guide Adventures. Just went fishing with him last week on one of his favorite mid-coast rivers. We went 5 for 5 on steelhead. His boat is brand new and his equipment was top of the line. Three of our five fish caught were directly because he told us exactly where to cast to catch a fish in holding water. Bill was so good about telling us why the fish were in certain spots. Some guides are out there for the money. Bill is out there for the love of the sport. He is not over priced on his trips and he gives you a full day plus of fishing. I know of nobody that also offers summer and fall crabbing trips. His jet sled is huge and 6 of us limited on dungeness crab in about 4 hours in late August. He cleaned all of our crab after they were cooked. I am already booked for a steelhead and crabbing trip again. A great family man who is fun to be around.

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Fishing and Crabbing with Bill Taylor

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