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Your One Stop Oregon Guide

Salmon, Steelhead, Crab, Clams and More

A resident of Oregon for over 40 years, I have a vast knowledge of its waters and forests and can't wait to share them with you!

Osprey Guide Adventures

Osprey Guide Adventures provides guided trips throughout Oregon for salmon, steelhead, crabs & clams, mushrooms, berries, and more. These wonderful bounties are available to residents and visitors alike but might be hard to find by the untrained individual. My guide services are directed towards teaching you how, when, and where to find these delectable treasures along with how to responsibly harvest them. With the tools you gain from my guided trips, you will be able venture out on your own in the future with a solid chance to obtain your quarries of interest.


Start your adventure today!

Thank you for your interest in a guided trip with Osprey Guide Adventures! I look forward to our upcoming adventure. If you have any questions or simply want to get started please fill out the contact form below. I will get back to you shortly!


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